Who We Are

Welcome!  Join us as we grow in love for God and each other during this difficult time.

As you may know, the state and county have authorized houses of worship to begin gathering in-person effective immediately However, Bishop Susan has asked all Episcopal churches of this diocese to wait until June 21 to begin in-person worship.  We are grateful for the extra time to plan for what will be a very different worship experience for us all, as there are many limitations to this "new normal".  You can read the bishop's detailed expectations by clicking here.

If we've learned anything in the past two months, it's that we can expect our initial plan to change.  Because change by its very nature is disruptive, and because we pray that your experience of St. Luke's can be one of calm and steadiness during this uncertain time, we will do our best, with God's help, to come up with a way of being in person together that won't require too much tweaking in the weeks and months ahead.  But only God knows what the future holds in store.

Here's what we know: we miss you, we love you, and God does too!  Stay with us on this arduous journey, and keep the faith that God is indeed beside us and working hard on behalf of all Creation every single day.

Christian Formation in Community

We are blessed with video conference call technology that can create a remarkably intimate sense of in-person community, and we hope you'll join us in experiencing this new way of being together! 

TWO new LIVE video offerings on Wednesdays! Dawn will offer a children's ministry time at 4 pm. (Contact Dawn for details on how to connect with our weekly children and youth Zoom gatherings) and Fr. Colin will offer a new weekly live video conversation at 8 pm. You may not have had much experience with live video -- it's a way to participate with the speaker in a two-way conversation through the comments you write and questions you ask during the broadcast.

On Fridays, Mtr. Laurel will lead a 30-minute prayer gathering from noon to 12:30 pm.  Click here to join with a smartphone or computer, or call 669-900-6833 and use this meeting ID: 717 584 493. 

On Saturdays, Achol Akoih will lead a Arabic language bible study at 5 pm.  Click here to join with a smartphone or computer, or call 669-900-6833 and use this meeting ID: 850-782-232.  Password is 2020. 

On Sundays from 10 to 11 am, we will be leading a Sunday Gospel discussion. Click here to join with a smartphone or computer, or call 669-900-6833 and use this meeting ID: 162 134 661. Then tune in at 11:15 for a live streamed worship service -- and if that time doesn't work for you, you can always watch the video on our Facebook page afterwards. Here is this week's Sunday Bulletin link https://bit.ly/SLNP53120 Directly after each Sunday's worship live stream, we will host a Zoom call-in "tea time" so that we can catch up with each other after worship like we have been in the habit of doing downstairs.  Click here to join on Sunday right after the worship live stream with a smartphone or computer, or call 669-900-6833 and use this meeting ID:  185 861 698.  It gladdens the heart to see each other's faces during these tough days.

All these gatherings are open to YOU and will use Zoom conference calling.  Here is some information on how Zoom works.  It's best if you have access to a computer with a video camera or a smartphone, but you are able to call in as well using a regular phone.


Be on the lookout every morning for a daily video from us reflecting on some aspect of the Bible or theology!  We will post this video first on Facebook, and later on our Church@Home blog on our website.

Do take good care of yourselves, stay at home if at all possible, wear a mask when must go out, and let us know how we can pray for and serve you at this time.  We will get through this together, but it will not be without hardship -- and Christ, who knew great suffering, walks beside us now and always!

Who Are We?

St. Luke's North Park is a Christian community seeking justice and healing in this colorful and dynamic neighborhood of San Diego.  Our congregation began in 1923 with the arrival of All Saints' chapel building on 30th and Gunn Streets, and became known over the decades to follow for its service to others (as with the organization of the first school for children with autism in the city) and for healing (the founder of the International Order of St. Luke, John Gayner Banks, was St. Luke's first rector).  

In the past fifteen years God has led us to a new blessing: to serve as one of the primary cultural centers for South Sudanese Americans in the city, and more recently, for Congolese refugees. Worshipping with us is a joyous and memorable experience!  We also are proud to host sixteen twelve-step support meetings on campus each week and look for new ways to serve our local recovery community; and we are grateful to host Uptown Community Service Center and its good work with the unhoused persons of North Park.  We are also proud partners with RefugeeNet and the International Rescue Committee on an urban farming and commercial kitchen project.

We dream to be a place where all people can enter into uncomfortable and brave spaces with others different than themselves -- different races, ethnicities, classes, creeds, sexual orientations, and gender identities -- and find their perspectives and hearts transformed.  We follow a God who loves each of us especially for who we are and desires that every single human among us has all she or he needs to thrive in this world.  Until that day comes, we will work alongside God's powerful Spirit to do justice in this hurting world and help all people find a loving and dignified home.  We are members of the Episcopal Church, a denomination striving imperfectly and sincerely to offer this radical hospitality to all.