Jesus vs. Christianity

How far apart are they? Would each recognize the other?

A happy hour conversation 
for the curious and the faithful
(and those who are both).

Even the most hard-core Christians would admit that there are a lot of things Jesus taught that Christians don't actually do ("sell everything and give the money to the poor" comes to mind), AND a lot of things Jesus didn't address that Christians spend a lot of time talking about (i.e., same-sex marriage). How wide is the gap? What are its defining features? What would Jesus of Nazareth have to say about "the church" in the United States?

This is your chance to have this conversation with an expert: we'll be joined by Dr. David Moseley (Ph.D., University of Cambridge). He teaches biblical studies and religion at the University of San Diego, the Bishop's School, and the School for Ministry.

California Tap Room specializes in beer and pretzels; there's something for everyone. So bring your questions and your thoughts. Kids welcome, too!




May 03, 2017 at 5:30pm - 7pm
California Tap Room
Laurel Mathewson ·
Brendan Deocariza-Nee

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