Awel B Kwai Funeral Fundraiser

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of a long-time member of St. Luke's, Awel B. Kwai (Oct 10, 1993 - Aug 21, 2022). He died at the young age of 28 in Houston, Texas, where he moved in the middle of last year to find work, and is survived by his parents, Suzy Laku and James Manyang, his three siblings -- Yaar, Adier, and Tokwaje, his late biological mother, Teresa Joseph, his aunt, Nyantoub Abouk Garang, and his biological siblings -- Achol, Angaany, Aluel and Atem.

Awel grew up in San Diego, where he has lived since 2000 and attended St. Luke's church often with his family. He was raised and is well known in the Sudanese community as a very kind and generous man, who did not judge others. We are raising money to cover his funeral expenses. Any help you can give Awel's family during this time will be greatly appreciated. 

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