Refugee Scholarship Fund

In light of the reckoning on race that has finally overtaken our nation, we invite you to donate to a scholarship fund we are setting up for the six St Luke's members who graduated high school last month.  All but one (Michael is off to UC Riverside!) will be doing their best to take a full community college courseload while living at home and getting a job to help their families pay the bills, and we can imagine, if we don't know personally, just how difficult that is.  All six were born in South Sudan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, or a refugee camp.  We have already raised $3500 -- let's see if we can get to $12,000!   Addressing the structural economic inequities in our society requires our supporting the next generation's higher education, and we are blessed with this opportunity to support our grads in this way.  We'll also be pairing each with a mentor to cheer them on and support them in this road ahead.

Goal: $12,000.00

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