Our Partners in South Sudan

Our visit to the Mangalla internally displaced persons camp outside of Juba connected us with Bishop Gabriel of the diocese of Bor.  God’s people under his care fled from armed conflict in the east and have been living since in this United Nations-administered camp.  There is a need for an ambulance, in particular to help laboring mothers gain swift and safe access to Juba’s maternity hospital an hour away.  The youth would like a music keyboard to enhance their faith community’s worship services.

Our experience of worship with Pastor Joseph Maker at his Presbyterian church in the capital was joyful and Spirit-filled.  Their congregation has also moved to the Juba due to violence in their homeland.  Their church network also runs the Mangatan orphanage near the airport, a compassionate mission that could use additional funds to upgrade their dilapidated tents for their two dozen children.

We also met Bishop Edward of Rejaf diocese, which includes the capital city of Juba, worshipped at his cathedral, and met the hundreds of students in their church school.  The diocese is hoping for help purchasing a tractor that would allow them to produce agricultural income for their parishes.  The school needs help funding lunches for all its students, because many of their families aren’t able to provide a lunch for their kids every day.

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