Crisis Care

We at St. Luke's have done our part to slow the virus' spread, canceling public worship and beginning to work from home.  But three groups we care for on campus -- the hungry, the homeless, and those in recovery -- still need our help.  We invite you give to our Emergency Assistance Fund so that we can meet these developing needs among those we serve.

The Homeless

From its offices at St. Luke's for the past three years, Uptown Community Services Center has offered people experiencing homelessness access to a post office box, a computer, clothing, canned food, a bathroom, and a safe and welcoming place to be from 9 am to 3 pm Monday through Friday.  Unfortunately, many of Uptown's volunteers are over 65 and cannot currently help pass out mail and food.  If you can pitch in for a 3-hour shift, please contact Keith at [email protected].  We are committed to caring for the homeless, while following proper health and safety standards, at this difficult time.

The Hungry

Last year St. Luke's became the operator of a long-running food distribution originally organized by RefugeeNet.  This Thursday morning distribution provides a heavy bag of fruits, vegetables, and bread to over 80 families, most of whom are refugees, across San Diego.  We expect the demand for this food to grow quickly over the coming weeks.  Please let us know if you would be willing to volunteer and/or if you have a truck you could drive to help us transport the food from the Food Bank in Miramar.  We want to be ready if demand suddenly spikes.  We are also happy to accept donations of canned food between 9 am and 3 pm Monday through Friday.

Those in Recovery

Several of the leaders of the 27 recovery groups that meet weekly at St. Luke's have asked if we will cancel their meetings.  I reply that as long as those attending see their escape from the grip of addiction as a matter of life and death, then we are proud to support their meetings.  (We do insist on small group sizes and safe social distances, however, and we are now sanitizing surfaces in the meeting room twice daily.)  Please pray that those in recovery know God's liberating love at a time of increased social isolation that can make recovery that much harder.

Please help our community's most vulnerable by giving to our Emergency Assistance Fund, serving, and/or praying as described above.  Please be in touch with Ruth at [email protected] if you'd like to chat about getting involved in one of these ways. And God bless and keep you and yours!

Educational Resources

At this time when our children and youth are spending more time at home; we would like to offer families some Educational resources for anyone who may need them.

Our Children and Family Minister Ms.Dawn Stary has provided this information to assist families who may need some ideas with some educational, but also with some fun stuff;  to keep our children learning and also entertained, especially during this difficult time.

If you have any questions please get in touch with Dawn at [email protected].

Some other Education resources: 

San Diego Unified Schools Chrome Book Pick Up instructions:
Affordable Internet offers:
Coronavirus Learning Resources for Families:
DISTANCE LEARNING RESOURCES (From Cajon Valley unified School District):

Other Resources:

A very good compilation of local resources, (Low or No-Cost), available to help families during the coronavirus period. (from the San Diego Continuing Education/SDCCD website) Please click here. (Thank you Mary for providing this information).
Please see below a compilation of other useful resources/ links to useful information/ Videos In English, Arabic and Swahili: (Thank you IRC newsletter/ Thanks Mary Cory)
What is coronavirus, and how can you stay safe? (ARABIC/العربية) Click here.
What is the coronavirus, and how can you stay safe? (Kiswahili) Click here.
CARES ACT Flyer: How Does Pandemic Relief Impact Me As A Refugee?
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Arabic (A free website to help refugees and immigrants): Click here.
Diaper distribution sites - Diaper Bank Program:
Grocery assistance program for seniors:
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Temporary ban on evictions - City Of San Diego: