East Africa Delegation Trip

We invite you to give what you can to make possible an ambitious and beautiful project we're undertaking at St Luke's -- to travel to South Sudan, Uganda, and Tanzania to visit refugee camps and befriend east African Christians with 18 of our church leaders this coming June. Two-thirds of the group are former refugees and three of the participants will be visiting the refugee camp, Nyarugusu, in which they've spent twenty years of their lives. We trust that this experience will serve as a transformational leadership development experience for all of us and will bless our church for years to come. On our return, trip participants will take primary responsibility for congregants' Christian formation and operation of St Luke's while the pastors are on sabbatical. Thank you in advance for help making this dream possible!

If you're local don't forget to check out our Chef's Dinner page for delicious opportunities to support our upcoming travel as well.


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